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Small Business Dental Plans

Affordable Dental Benefits for Employers of All Sizes

Dental Direct is designed to meet the needs of clients of all sizes. Our flexibility, provider network strength, and community involvement all serve to encourage our members to stay with Dental Direct. Our small business dental plans offer an affordable solution to help you add value to your benefits package – at no direct cost to your company. If you own a small business and are looking to provide your employees with affordable dental care, we have a wide range of small business dental plans that can meet your needs.

Dental Benefits for Large Employers

Access to our national provider network means less disruption for large employers, particularly those with multiple locations. If you own or represent a relatively large company and are seeking dental coverage for your employees, our small business dental plans may be a good match for your needs. We’ve helped hundreds of large, national clients seamlessly transition to Dental Direct. Independent research shows that members of Dental Direct consistently receive higher overall satisfaction ratings from patients and employers than other dental carriers. Our dedicated national sales team and skilled in-house member service representatives are committed to maintaining our reputation. We customize our process to meet your company’s requirements whenever possible; we do all the work we can and ask as little from you as possible.

Mid-size Employers Dental Benefits

Mid-size businesses have many of the same needs as larger companies, but many carriers don’t support these groups with comprehensive services. Dental Direct offers service our mid-size clients can count on, along with benefit design flexibility and competitive rates. Your staff can enjoy benefits from Dental Direct all paid for by your employees or, as an added bonus, by you the employer.

Small Business Dental Benefits

Dental Direct has designed its easy-to-use small business dental plans specifically with the needs of small businesses in mind, and our rate stability in the small group segment makes us an attractive fit for groups that need dental benefits that fit within a budget. If you have from 1 to 10 employees and are seeking a dental plan that will allow your employees to have affordable coverage, our small business dental plans can be purchased for as little as $50 a month.

Unions Dental Benefit Options

We understand the importance of service and value to this market, and the loyalty of our many clients in this sector speaks to the value we provide. Enhance your current union benefits by offering an additional benefits plan option for your union members. This additional benefit can protect them from having to pay high premium out-of-pocket expenses when their current plan denies treatment due to insurance limitations.

School Teachers and Administrators Dental Benefit Options

Dental Direct has a long history of providing dental benefits for school district employees. We know the school dental plan market inside and out, and would be happy to discuss your needs and recommend an effective solution that is comprehensive and affordable.

Independent Business Owners Dental Direct Benefits

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to provide affordable oral health care benefits for you and your family. Why pay a monthly premium with other dental plans when you can be paying less than four dollars a week for Dental Direct benefits to maintain your healthy smile. Our small business dental plans can be enjoyed by entrepreneurs and family business owners as well!

You can learn more about our discount dental plans by contacting Dental Direct today!