Understand the Difference between Dental Insurance and Dental Discount Plans

Before you can choose between a dental discount plan and a dental insurance plan, you need to first understand the difference between the two.

What Plan is Right for You? Dental Insurance or Dental Discounts?

Dental Insurance Plan Coverage

There are typically 3 different types offered by dental insurance companies: DMHO plans, HMO plans, and PPO plans. Each dental insurance plan is designed to pay a portion of the costs associated with dental services provided by a dental health care professional. These insurance plans can consist of individual, family, or group dental insurance plans that may be available to purchase independently through a broker or may be acquired through an employer. In general, a dental insurance plan covers a set percentage based on a schedule of benefits of the dental service costs incurred at the time of service in the dental office. Plans offered by dental insurance companies have a wide range of coverage options as well as coverage limitations.

Dental insurance companies often offer either inadequate or overpriced coverage; at Dental Direct, we focus on providing our members affordable dental coverage, and we offer a range of discount dental plans – including individual dental plans, family dental plans, and senior dental plans – to meet our members’ needs.

Dental Direct Discount Plan

  • Cosmetic Discounts

    Cosmetic Discounts

  • Orthodontic Discounts

    Orthodontic Discounts

  • Pre-Existing Conditions Covered

    Pre-Existing Conditions Covered

  • Specialty/Elective Procedures Covered

    Specialty/Elective Procedures Covered

  • No Claim Forms

    No Claim Forms

  • No Age Limitation

    No Age Limitation

  • One Low Membership Fee

    One Low Membership Fee

  • No Spending Limitations

    No Spending Limitations

Dental Insurance Companies

  • No Cosmetic Coverage

    No Cosmetic Coverage

  • No Orthodontic Coverage

    No Orthodontic Coverage

  • No Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

    No Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

  • No Specialty/Elective Procedures

    No Specialty/Elective Procedures

  • Claim Forms - Tedious Paperwork

    Claim Forms – Tedious Paperwork

  • Coverage Limitations

    Coverage Limitations

  • Expensive Monthly Premiums

    Expensive Monthly Premiums

  • Annual Plan Limitations

    Annual Plan Limitations

Discount Dental Plan Coverage and Dental Benefits

As a Dental Direct member, you will have the benefit of visiting dentists at any of our participating dental providers’ offices. With a wealth of dental benefits and financing options Dental Direct discount dental plans are not in fact dental insurance plans, but rather dental discount programs. Our network of participating dentists have agreed to accept our discounted fee schedule of benefits from our Dental Direct discount dental plan members as payment-in-full for dental services performed in their dental office at the time of service.

Most major dental insurance policies offered by dental insurance companies have annual maximum allowances that range from $1000 to $1500 in which they will cover on services rendered by your dentist each year. So if you need a dental service that cost more than $1000, such as implants, root canals, dental crowns, dental implants or dentures, you will have to pay the difference with a dental insurance plan, along with the private office fee, which is unknown until the service is rendered.

Dental Direct Can Be Used With Your Primary Dental Insurance Plan

Dental Direct can be a Secondary or Supplemental Benefit Plan in addition to your dental insurance plan.

As a Dental Direct member, you will have the benefit of visiting dentists at any of our participating dental providers’ offices. With a wealth of dental benefits and financing options Dental Direct discount dental plans do not have annual spending limitations so you can use your plan as often as needed. Plus, our plans can act as a secondary or supplemental program with your existing insurance plan, and may even be used to reduce your out-of-pocket dental care costs once you’ve reached the annual maximum on your dental insurance plan. Needless to say, the benefits of our discounted dental plans are numerous.

Enroll today and save with dental direct discount dental benefits program. The affordable alternative to dental insurance companies as well as the perfect supplement to dental insurance, Dental Direct is a great choice for individuals, seniors, families, and businesses seeking dental benefits.