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Do you have Americhoice Dental Benefits?

Did you know that Dental Direct discount dental benefits plan serves as a secondary, or supplemental dental care benefits and can save you money on dental services that may not be covered by your existing dental insurance, Americhoice.

Are you over your Dental Insurance Annual Maximum Allowance?

Dental Direct provides discounted dental benefits pricing on more than 150 dental procedures, including cosmetic treatments and specialist care. Visit our member savings page to learn more about how you can control the cost of your dental services.

Dental Direct was designed by dentists with the patient’s needs in mind, eliminating many of the restrictions associated with typical dental insurance plans, such as Americhoice dental benefits. Dental Direct works with Americhoice dental insurance and dental benefits in providing a helpful secondary benefit for many patients.

Dental Insurance – What are the Benefits?

Expensive Monthly Payments
Rarely offered to individuals
Cosmetic and Specialty Procedures not covered
Varying annual maximums limiting your treatment needed
Services are out-of-pocket once maximum is met
Deductibles must be met before any benefits are paid
After deductible, co-payment on most major work
Orthodontic treatment is rarely covered
Waiting period may be between 6 to 24 months for major services (i.e. crown, bridge, dentures)

Dental Direct Discount Dental Plan Benefits

One low yearly dental benefits membership fee
individuals, families and groups dental plans
No annual limits
No tedious paperwork to submit
No Approvals needed
No Deductible
Start saving immediately
Cosmetic and Specialty Procedures Covered
Pre-existing Dental Conditions Covered

Looking for a better dental plan?

Or maybe a dental plan that offers additional savings with your existing dental insurance.

Dental Direct – The Perfect Addition to Americhoice Dental Insurance Benefits

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